When you can move people across the planet and back, turning an idea into a dream holiday without blinking as well as managing people, amid creating memories then you have all the skills you need to seamlessly manage a creative studio floor. Anita is one of those rare people who can galvanize people and sees the magic in an idea bringing to life a design concept into incredible launches or incentive team building events. She had conquered the world of travel, long before stepping into the world of advertising.

Returning from Ireland in 2000, her next voyage began using her incredible ability to manage people and projects, firstly at Pod Communication and then at Integer Hotspot. 

The similarities and skill set of both travel and advertising industries compliment each other beautifully. Both require an innate ability to transform the imagined into reality and both require structure, process and solutions. 20 years experience in Advertising and 15 years in Travel, enables Anita to help teams of amazing people accomplish their sparks of brilliance.

Not only has she had experience as a Travel guru, Client service Manager, Traffic Manager and Project Manager, she is an astute, kind and encouraging light that her team lean on personally and at the office whilst guiding everyone in her role as Operations and Productions Director.

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